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Proteine Vegetali per Nutrizione ed Esche attrattive

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OKYESK is a mixture of PROTEIC compounds (hydrolyzed amino acids and polypeptides) of vegetable origin . Carbohydrates and fatty substances are also present in its formulation.


OKYESK can be used both in conventional agriculture and in organic farming with two possible uses:

  • As a nitrogenous organic fertilizer, OKYESK is active at the foliar level in all phenological phases of the crops, for its remarkable nourishing and biostimulant action. In addition, its carrier properties suggest the combination with other NPK nutrients and microelements, which favors the absorption and saving of doses of use
  • As a protein base for the preparation of attractive lures, OKYESK exerts a high attractive effect on some insect species, especially on the females of Diptera Tripetidae (olive fly, fruit fly, cherry fly, etc.), which require a protein feed with high nutritive power during the mating phase.

For this use, OKYESK is recommended especially in organic farming on Olivo, Ciliegio, Citrus, Drupace, etc. ..

Indications for use:

  • As a nitrogenous organic fertilizer, repeated treatments can be applied to all the foliage, on all the plants, using 2-3 lt / ha of product.
  • As a protein base for the preparation of attractive baits, it can be used:

    • due to the massive attraction of Tripetid Diptera on specific areas of the plot, treating only portions of the plant scattered among the rows, it is conveyed the oviposition of Diptera on restricted areas of the plot and therefore limit the damage caused by the larvae of these insects .
    • for the containment of Dipeptides Tripetides, OKYESK does not possess any insecticide activity if applied alone. Therefore, it must be mixed with an insecticide, preferably of biological origin, such as Spinosad.

Once the mixture has been prepared to be used for the predetermined purpose, limit its distribution to only a part of the plants to be treated, using 4-8 lt / ha of OKYESK diluted in 35-70 lt of water, possibly adding an insecticide (eg Spinosad) :

  • for traditional plants with sixths of about 150-250 plants / ha: 0, $ 1-0, $ 1 lt of mixture for plant parts, preferably turning the spray nozzles towards the South, from a minimum of 2 meters. upwards from the ground, treating at least 50% of the plants of the affected area.
  • for the intensive espalier plants, with about 500-800 plants / ha: 50-100 cc of mixture per plant parts, preferably turning the spray nozzles to the south, from a minimum of 1, $ 1 mt. in height above the ground, alternating at least 50% of the rows or plants placed on the affected area.
Organic Nitrogen (N) 5%
Total nitrogen (N) 5%
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin 20%
  • IN CONCIMAZIONE FOGLIARE: 300 - 400 g/100 litri d’acqua


  • IN FERTIRRIGAZIONE: 7 - 11 kg/ha




  • PER L’AUTOPREPARAZIONE DI ESCHE ATTRATTIVE IN CAMPO: 5 Kg/ha diluiti in 10 - 30 Lt di acqua

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