Bioact WG
Bioact WG
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Bioact WG

Bioact WG

Microbiological nematocide based on Paecilomyces lilacinus

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400 G 4 Kg

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BIOACT WG is a formulation based on the fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus and the first nematocide of microbiological origin that has reached the registration and is therefore placed on the market in Italy.
100 g of formulation contain 1, $ 15 g of the antagonist fungus (not less than 1 x 1010 spores / g).
P. lilacinus is a ubiquitous microorganism, known for its antagonistic action against several species of phytoparasitic nematodes belonging to gen. Meloidogyne.

BIOACT WG contains the strain called 251 of P. lilacinus and has been formulated exclusively using conidia of P. lilacinus, conveyed on sugar support, excluding the mycelium.
The soil treatment aims to increase the number of propagules of the antagonist during the cultivation period, in order to ensure a high containment of the gall bladed nematodes.

100 grams of product contain:
Paecilomyces lilacinus (strain 251)
g 6, 00 *
Coformulants to taste
g 100
* Contains not less than 1 x 1010 spores / g.
1° Applicazione
Aprile - Maggio
4 Kg /ha
2° Applicazione
Dopo 4-6 settimane, mantenendo la copertura fino a metà settembre
4 Kg /ha
1° Applicazione
Trattamento al terreno in pre-trapianto
(almeno 14 giorni prima)
4 Kg /ha
0,2 g per pianta
(dose massima di applicazione: 4 kg/ha)
2° Applicazione
Trattamento sulle piantine
Appena prima del trapianto
Da 5 a 10 g per 100 piantine
(in funzione della dimensione delle piante
N° appl. successiveTrattamento post-trapianto
2-4 settimane dopo e applicazioni ripetute ogni 3-6 settimane
0,2 g/pianta
(dose massima di applicazione: 4 kg/ha)

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