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Nemguard Granules

Nemguard Granules

Granular Nematocida (GR) for the ground based on garlic extract

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Granular Nematocida (GR) for the ground based on garlic extract. .

NemGuard Granules is a new nematocide in granular formulation based on concentrated garlic extract (45%); the product acts by contact with nematodes, thanks to some components (polysulfides) contained in the active ingredient.
Several plant essences have been tested for their nematicide activity, including garlic (Agbenin et al., 2005; Park et al., 2005), which has long been known for the presence of some compounds with proven biocidal activity.

The garlic plant has a long history in popular tradition (recently also for the development of new biochemical molecules), since it is known to produce a complex mixture of sulfur-containing molecules.
The latter are derived from the reaction of the allin (an amino acid containing sulfur) which, thanks to the action of the enzyme allinase, forms the allicin molecule; this process occurs very quickly when the plant is damaged or attacked by phytophages, with the production of the characteristic pungent odor (which in practice is nothing more than a defensive response to a biotic stress).

Following the damage to the tissues, the allicin, subjected to enzymatic action, is converted into intermediates (like sulfenic acids) which, by thickening, give rise to the thiosulfinates, unstable molecules which, in turn, undergo some biochemical reactions that produce a large variety of compounds, including polysulfides (Anwar, 2009; Bonamassa, $ 12010).

Among the many identified molecules, di-allyl-trisulfide (DATS) and di-allyl-tetrasulfide (DATTS) have been identified as those with the most activity against nematodes (Block, 1992; Muenchberg et al., 2007).
ECOspray Ltd (Norfolk, GB) has developed an industrial production system of garlic extract (and related quality control) to obtain a highly refined and stable concentrate, which contains in known and titratable amounts, polysulfides identified by fingerprinting and protected by patent (Anwar et al., 2009).

100 grams of product contain:
Garlic extract
(purity ≥ 99.9%)
g 45, 00
Coformulants to taste
g 100
Nematodi liberi e galligeni appartenenti all’ordine dei Tylenchida, fra cui i generi Meloidogyne, Ditylenchus, Globodera, ecc.20-25 kg/ha
Impiego in pieno campo
(pomodoro, peperone, melanzana)
20-25 kg/ha
Impiego in pieno campo e in serra
(melone, anguria)
25 kg/ha
Impiego in pieno campo e in serra
Lattughe e simili
20-25 kg/ha
Impiego in pieno campo e in serra

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