Up 18-44

Up 18-44

Urea Phosphate - NP Fertilizer 18-44

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Up 18-44 is a special product with a high content of Phosphorus and Nitrogen, designed to be used in alkaline soils, with chlorosis and high pH problems.

Up 18-44 thanks to its pH, it has a remarkable reducing activity toward macro and microelements of the soil, above all Iron.

The special soluble formulation of Up 18-44, made up of Nitrogen (18%) and Phosphorous (44%) in high concentration, induces:

  • Harmonious development of vegetation ;
  • Better ripening and shelf-life of fruit;
  • Better organoleptic and commercial characteristic of fruits.
Total Nitrogen (N)18%
Urea Nitrogen (N)
Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) soluble in ammonium citrate and water
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water
Radical (kg/ha)
Tree crops
80 - 120
Industrial crops
50 - 100
Horticultural crops
60 - 120
Flower crops
50 - 100
Lawns and golf courses
50 - 100

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