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Superblend 5-7-5

Superblend 5-7-5

Organic-Mineral fertilizerNPK 5-7-5 (Ca14)

  • Formulato a base esclusivamente organica di origine naturale
  • Costituito da letame bovino da allevamenti biologici e solfato di potassio estratto da depositi di sali grezzi di origine naturale
  • L’Azoto è presente per un terzo come deiezioni animali a pronto effetto e per due terzi come proteina animale a rilascio più prolungato
  • Il Fosforo garantisce un graduale e continuo flusso di nutrimento ai vegetali evitando ogni spreco
  • Il Potassio sotto forma solfata completa la formulazione in maniera ideale per l’uso su tutte le colture a frutto ed a foglia
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Superblend 5-7-5

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Superblend 5-7-5 is a formulation based exclusively on organic organics of natural origin. The raw materials are in fact made of meat meal, bovine manure from biological farms and potassium sulphate. This combination allows to obtain agronomic performances of very high efficiency, rarely found in other biological fertilizers on the market.

Nitrogen is present for one third as animal dejections with a rather ready effect and for two thirds as a more prolonged release animal protein. In this way two advantages are obtained: a total use of the distributed nitrogen units, as the run-off phenomena are practically zero, and the possibility of satisfying the nutritional needs of the crop during the entire vegetative cycle, eliminating excesses or shortcomings .

Phosphorus is derived from bones, and therefore is free of any polluting metal sometimes present in minerals, such as cadmium. Moreover its solubility, which is intermediate between that of the superphosphates and that of phosphorites, ensures a gradual and continuous flow of nourishment to the plants avoiding any waste. The important presence of potassium in the form of sulfate completes the formulation in an ideal way for use on all fruit and leaf crops.

The characteristics of the Superblend 5-7-5 make it one of the highest agronomic efficiency NPK fertilizers, in line with the most modern theories that are directed to an agriculture that can produce income respecting the environment avoiding excesses or deficiencies.

Organic Nitrogen (N)
Total phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water
Total calcium oxide (CaO)
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin
Organic components: dried beef manure, meat meal
Mineral fertilizers: potassium sulfate

CropsRadical applications (q/ha)
Tree crops4 - 8
Industrial crops8 - 10
Horticultural crops5 - 12
Flower crops2 - 3
Lawns and golf courses8 - 10

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