Allowed in Organic farming
Biophos P28

Biophos P28

Soft rock Phosphate

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Biophos P28 is a fertilizer allowed in Organic Farming, based on natural soft superphosphate. It's extracted by fossilized marine deposits, mainly composed of: corals, bird guano, fish remains, algae and other minerals, with a high content of Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Silicon and microelements, without chemicals addition.

The product is then finely grounded up to 90% of the particles over 200 mesh, increasing contact surface with roots and increasing the availability of the elements composing it.

Thanks to this method a homogeneous granular product is obtained; the product is well balanced in its composition, rich in important nutritive elements such as Phosphorus (28-29% P2O5), Calcium (38-40% CaO), Silicon (9-10% SiO2), Magnesium (3-4% MgO), Aluminum (1% Al), Potassium (1% K2O), Iron (1% Fe2O3) and other microelements such as Copper, Manganese and Zinc, a formulation quickly absorbed by roots.

Biophos P28 is a fertilizer in light granules with a smooth and uniform surface, powders free, hygienically safe, usable both in Organic and Integrated Agriculture.

Total phosphoric anhydride (P2 O5)28%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in 2% formic acid
Total Calcium Oxide (CaO)38%
Total Silicon Oxide (SiO2)10%
Total Magnesium Oxide (MgO)3%
Total iron (Fe)0, 5%
Fruit tree
(stone fruit, pome fruit, citrus, olive, grapevine, actinidia, etc)
open field400 - 500 kg/ha
row placement200 - 400 kg/ha
Industrial crops
(tomato, potato, artichoke, corn, sunflower, soy, cereals, sugar beet, legums, etc)
open field
300 - 500 kg/ha
row placement
200 - 400 kg/ha
Horticultural crops
(celery, fennel, lettuce, chard, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, carrot, etc)
open field
300 - 500 kg/ha
row placement
200 - 400 kg/ha

WARNING: for a complete and correct crops fertilization, we recommend the use of Biophos P28 with Nitrogen and/or Potassium fertilizers.

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