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Allowed in Organic farming


Animal protein based bioactivator/nutrient N-C 8,5-25

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1 Kg

Tamarack is a unique and exclusive Biostimulant from Isagro, a pillar among the Isagro Biosolutions portfolio. 

Tamarack acts through metabolic mechanisms belonging to all plants, improving the uptake and utilization of nitrogen by activating the enzyme systems GDH-NAD and NR.

Tamarack activates specific plant genes, so boosting anti-stress reactions for a quicker recovery of plant growth.

Organic (N) Nitrogen8,7%
Organic (N) Nitrogen soluble in water8,7%
Organic Carbon (C)25%
C/N ratio:
Raw material: hydrolyzed animal epithelium

Allowed in Organic Agriculture

CropsAerial applications dosageFertigations dosage
Floriculture and Horticultural crops in greenhouse150-200 ml/hl
2.5 Lt/ha
Floriculture and Horticultural crops in open field200-300 ml/hl
2.5 Lt/ha
Peach, Apricot, Cherry and Strawberry
(excluding Plum tree)
200 ml/hl
4-6 Lt/ha
Apple tree, Pear tree200-250 ml/hl
4-6 Lt/ha
Grapevine200-250 ml/hl
4-6 Lt/ha
Olive tree
300-400 ml/hl
2-4 Lt/ha
Citrus200-300 ml/hl
5-6 Lt/ha
Sugar beet, Potato, Industrial tomato
300 ml/hl
Winter cereals3-5 Lt/ha
Single treatment: from BBCH 41/59 added to fungicides and insecticides.
Double treatment: during stem elongation added to fungicides or insecticides or during flag leaf, heading added to fungicides or insecticides.
3-5 Lt/ha
Single treatment: during heading.
Double treatment: during stem elongation and heading. It's possible to add fungicides and insecticides.
Corn3-5 l/ha
During the firsts stages of growing.

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