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Superblend 6-6-0

Superblend 6-6-0

Miscela di concimi organici NP (Ca 18)

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Superblend 6.6.0 is a fertilizer based on organic matter. Raw materials are meat meal and manure. This combination allows high-efficiency agronomic performances, rarely found in other fertilizers present on the market.

Thanks to this peculiar formulation, Nitrogen is gradually available: medium release of meat meal and prolonged release of manure. 

In this way two advantages are obtained: efficient use of Nitrogen units, losses are so reduced and crop nutritional needs are satisfied during the whole vegetative cycle.

Phosphorus derived from bones, is free of polluting metal, usually present in minerals as Cadmium. Its solubility is intermediate between superphosphates and phosphorites, so it guarantees a gradual nutrients release to plants, avoiding any waste. 

Superblend 6.6.0 is a NP fertilizers with higher agronomic efficiency, in line with the most modern agricultural techniques.

Organic Nitrogen (N)6%
Total phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)6%
Total calcium oxide (CaO)18%
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin30%
CropsDosage (q/ha)
Tree crops4 - 8
Industrial crops8 - 10
Horticultural crops5 - 12
Flower crops2 - 3
Lawns and golf courses8 - 10

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