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Aminox Forte

Aminox Forte

nitrogenous organic fertilizer

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Aminox Forte is an organic fertilizer consisting of enzymatic hydrolyzed protein of animal origin, rich in amino acids, peptides and peptones with low and medium molecular weight. The product is particularly active, both used by leaves and roots, in all phenological phases of the crops, for its important biostimulant action.

The high concentration of precious amino acids allows a rapid absorption both by foliar and radical, intensifying biochemical and enzymatic processes.

In modern fertilization, the regular use of Aminox Forte gives to plants a balanced vegetative development, higher productions and a better shelf life of fruits.

Aminox Forte distributed during abiotic stress (frosts, hailstorms, weeds, excesses or water shortages) and biotic stress (fungal, bacterial, viral and parasitical attacks) allows a rapid overcoming of the vegetative stress.

Organic nitrogen (N)
Soluble organic nitrogen (N)
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin
Raw materials: leather - maximum concentration in mg / kg of dry substance of CrVI = 0
Fogliare (g/hl)
Radicale (kg/ha)
Tree crops150 - 250
20 - 50
Industrial crops150 - 250
15 - 30
Horticultural crops150 - 250
15 - 30
Flower crops150 - 250
10 - 20
Lawns and golf courses150 - 250
10 - 20

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