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Biolivo Plus

Biolivo Plus

Fluid yeast extract containing brown algae

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25 Kg

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Biolivo Plus is a nitrogeno organic fertilizer in liquid formulation, obtained from a macerated mixture of brown algae, with a nutritive and stimulating action. 

Thanks to the strong stimulating action on buds, it allows better growth and greater absorption of macro and micro-elements. It also balances the hormonal system on plants and guarantees greater roots and leaves growth. 

Biolivo Plus stimulates growth, promoting synthesis and reduction of nitrate in plant leaves. The formulation acts on the physiological state of plants, obtaining optimal results increasing the quantity and quality of yield.


  • Plant tissues are stronger;
  • Greater balance between vegetative and reproductive phases;
  • It increases the size and uniformity of fruit;
  • It increases the productivity of plants;
  • Leaves are brighter;
  • It improves the quality of production (sugar content, colour, texture, shelf life).
Organic Nitrogen (N)
Organic matter
Organic Carbon (C)
Pre flowering
300 - 500 g/hl
Post flowering
300 - 500 g/hl
Post fruit set
400- 600 g/hl

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