Nitrogen organ-mineral fertilizerwith Iron

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Alfaplus is a bio-fermented and refined fertilizer, produced by the bacterial fermentation of renewable organic matrixes, with high protein content such as: soy, corn, wheat, without the addition of chemical substances. The final product results in a well-balanced composition, rich in free amino acids and humic acids ≥ 20%, nitrogen ≥ 16%, dry organic substance ≥ 16%, iron sulfide and trace elements, a suitable combination for rapid absorption from the roots.

Alfaplus is a dark granulated fertilizer, with a smooth and uniform surface, with a sweetish scent, hygienically safe and free of vital seeds of weeds, usable in Integrated Agriculture.


  • Improves plant productivity;
  • Increases fruit texture and color;
  • Increases chlorophyll and photosynthesis;
  • Provides complex iron;
  • Provides fermented organic matter rich in phytostimulants;
  • Retards the retrogradation of Phosphorous;
  • Fixes and gradually releases the nutritive elements (N,P,K);
  • Provides the Meso and Micro elements useful for plant life;
  • Fights the onset of roots rot and contrasts main plant pathogens;
  • Limits the onset of: bacteriosis, virosis and Broomrape in tomato.
Total nitrogen (N)
Organic nitrogen (N)
Ammoniacal (N) nitrogen
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin
Water-soluble iron (Fe)
Amino Acids
Humic acids

In coverage
Localized application
Tree crops
(stone fruits, pome fruits, citrus, olive trees, Grapevine, actinidia, etc)
300-600 kg/ha
1-3 Kg/plant
Industrial crops
(tomato, potato, artichoke, corn, sunflower, soy, cereals, beetroot, legumes, etc)
400-500 kg/ha

(1 or 2 applications)

1-3 Kg/plant
Flower crops
(celery, fennel, salads, beets, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, carrots, etc)
300-500 kg/ha

(1 or 2 applications)

1-3 Kg/plant

ATTENTION: for a complete and correct fertilization of crops, we suggest to use Alfaplus after or in combination with phosphate-based fertilizers.

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