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Chitosan for agriculture SKL

Chitosan for agriculture SKL

Chitosan for Biological Agriculture, with fungistatic action on all crops. Check price, doses, label and safety data sheet.

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Chitosan is one of the few cationic polymers present in nature and it’s used in a wide range of applications.

SKL Chitosan is extracted from exoskeleton of crustaceans (industry standard), but it is the only Chitosan activated through a patented process that increases its positive charge and the contact surface, so bioprotective and fungistatic power is amplified.

SKL Chitosan, applied by foliar or for seeds treatment, increases after a few hours the content of endogenous hormones, particularly indolacetic acid (a very important growth hormone, closely related to roots development) and giberellic acid (promoter of lateral shoots, fruit growth regulator, inducer of mitosis, etc.).

SKL Chitosan is indicated for a wide application in agriculture for its low content of heavy metals.

Applied by foliar or for seeds treatment, Chitosan induces a series of beneficial responses in many important crops:

  • antibiotic action against pests and various pathogens;
  • it increases the number of beneficial microbes for plant defense and growth;
  • it stimulates plant defense against biotic stresses;
  • it regulates plant growth, development, nutrition and resistance to abiotic stresses.
Chitosan hydrochloride
Sediment-free solution
Solid content
> 6%
pH3.7 - 4.3
Fruit crops50-200from 4 to 8
Vegetable crops
50-100from 4 to 8
Cereals50-100from 4 to 8
(seeds treatment)
50-100from 4 to 8
50-100from 4 to 8
(Tubers treatment)
Sugar beet
(seeds treatment)

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