Allowed in Organic farming
Corteccia di Salice

Corteccia di Salice

Eliciter of crops self-defense mechanisms with fungicidal action

Salix spp. cortex SKL is a totally natural dehydrated vegetable matrix, obtained by micronized willow bark, a common tree in Europe, Asia and North America.. 

It’s rich in various compounds, in particular polyphenols and salicylic acid. Its use is consolidated in Organic and Biodynamic farming practices as a support to self-defense mechanisms of culture against mycotic adversities. The dehydrated powder gives the product a longer shelf life.

It is an approved Basic Substance with fungicidal properties under agricultural EU pesticide regulation (Regulation (EC) no 1107/2009) since 2015. Currently, its uses are approved for arboriculture and viticulture.

An initial use extension to allow nurseries to use it as a plant growth regulator is being evaluated by the EU regulatory assessment organisation. Salix spp. cortex helps cuttings to root, due to its indole butyric acid content, which is a growth hormone (plant growth regulator) in the auxin family and generally chemically synthesized for this purpose. Recently, fungicide usages for the vegetable and fruit market (tomatoes, berries and kiwi) have been submitted to the EU Commission for evaluation.

Salix spp. Cortex powder
PurityEuropean Pharmacopoeia
Totally natural dehydrated vegetable matrix obtained by micronizing the willow bark
Peach tree
Peach leaf curl
(Taphrina deformans)
2.22 - 13.33 kg/ha
From 2 to 6 treatments
(from BBCH 10 to BBCH 57)

Apple treeScab
(Venturia inaequalis)
(Podosphaera leucotricha)

2.22 - 13.33 kg/ha
From 2 to 6 treatments
(from BBCH 53 to BBCH 67)

GrapevineDowny mildews
(Plasmopara viticola)
Powdery mildews
(Erysiphe necator)
0.44 - 4 kg/ha
From 2 to 6 treatments
(from BBCH 10 to BBCH 57)

Preparation to be used:

The following procedure is recommended for the use of the product:

  1. 200 g of Salix spp. cortex infused in 30 L of water at 80°C for 2 hours.
  2. After cooling down, a filtration is recommended, adjusting pH to 6.2.
  3. Proceed the dilution by 3 with water (90 liter total).

The theoretical concentration of Salix spp. cortex present in the infusion is 2.22 g/L in the final preparation applied on plants. The preparation so made, has to be applied within maximum 24 hours, to avoid potential microbiological contamination which may occur during the storage. Application with high temperatures is not recommended.

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