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Soy Lecithin for Biological Agricolture

Soy Lecithin for Biological Agricolture

Soy Lecithin for agricultural use as fungicide against Powdery Mildews and Peach Leaf Curl. Buy it on our online shop

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Soy Lecithin is a natural substance obtained from optimized mixtures of oils in an emulsifiable concentration. The active ingredients composing it are compatible with the environment and are harmless to humans. It leaves no residue and it's commonly used for animal and human nutrition.

In agriculture, Soy Lecithin has a remarkable preventive and fungistatic action especially on some pathogenic fungi because it closes the main penetration pathways. It effectively controls pathologies such as: anthracnose, scab, powdery mildew, peach leaf curl, brown rot of stone fruits and downy mildew.

It reinforces and gives elasticity to the cell walls avoiding various physiopathologies like: cracking, sunburn, etc, in fruits. 

Used near the harvest, it gives hardness to the fruits, brilliance and colour, increasing their quality and organoleptic characteristics. In post-harvest it extends fruit and vegetable shelf life.

Concerning the new European regulations about the reduction of Copper in agriculture, Soy Lecithin can be used combined with low rates of Copper-based products as a synergist and as a fungicide enhancer.

Fluid Soy Lecithin in emulsion
Total Phospholipids
> 95%
> 15%
Natural product originated from soybean extraction, exclusively with physical processes
Pome fruits, Stone fruits
Powdery mildew
(Podosphaera leucotricha)
Peach leaf curl
(Taphrina deformans)
75 g/hl
Powdery mildew
(Microsphaera grossulariae)
200 g/hl
(Cucumber, Lettuce, Corn salad, Tomato, Endive))
Powdery mildew
(Erysiphe cichoracearum,
Erysiphe polyphaga, 

Podosphaera xanthii,
Phytophthora infestans, 

Alternaria cichorii)
150 g/hl
(especially Rose)
Powdery mildew and other fungal diseases
75 g/hl
Downy mildew
(Plasmopara viticola)
Powdery mildew
(Erysiphe necator)
75 g/hl

Doses refer to those officially published in the Reports by EFSA

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